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Exhibit 52 - March 8   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Paven Bratch - moo!

Dan Zen cares deeply about society and builds things he hopes will lead to creativity and wonder. He has created a number of ways to promote his products so that he can spend more time making them! Let's take a look at Zen's thoughts on the current market for interactive works followed by innovative techniques for spreading the word.

Exhibit 51 - March 1   TOP ▲

Code 3

Dedicated to Stephan Powell

Dan Zen has been coding since he studied Engineering in the mid 1980's. This exhibit looks at the early years of coding on Vax, early PC's, CD ROM multimedia and the dawn of the Internet.

Exhibit 50 - February 23   TOP ▲

Outdoor Creations

Dedicated to Mike and Leasa and Family

Continuing from the Physical Creations and the Indoor Games exhibits comes Dan Zen creations for the great outdoors. Dedicated to the Steadmans remembering fun times throwing snowballs.

Exhibit 49 - February 16   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Jim Ruxton - maybe we will make some together

Here is a look primarily at digital gadgets. A number of Dan Zen features are hard to categorize any other way!

Exhibit 48 - February 9   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Dianda, Medocovich and Bryden

Dan Zen has written about seventy songs. This exhibit shows some of them during his main song writing times written down on paper. Once the Internet came along in the mid nineties, Zen switched artistic direction to work primarily in the Interactive Media world.

Exhibit 47 - February 2   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Wayne McPhail

The Dan Zen site is filled with experimental interfaces. Zen graduated from Engineering specializing in ergonomics and interface. He teaches Interactive Coding and Interface Design at Sheridan College in Canada. This exhibit focuses on how people use the Dan Zen applications to create, communicate and play.

Exhibit 46 - January 26   TOP ▲

Sketches 3

Dedicated to Dave and Teresa Kuruc at Mixed Media

The third exhibit of Dan Zen sketches includes a few old and a few new. The other two exhibits can be found in the Expo Archives and the three Exhibits show about 100 sketches out of approximately 1500 spanning a period of twenty years.

Exhibit 45 - January 19   TOP ▲


Dedicated to RoseAnne Prevec - word lover

Words are symbols for objects and ideas and as such are paramount in all the Exhibits. Word-play and creation interest Dan Zen perhaps due to heredity but also to help understand creativity and communicate ideas. Let us see how someone with a name of ZEN departs from ZEN with his love for symbols.

Exhibit 44 - January 12   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Uncle Jim, an early chronicler

Since the VHS tape and camera, Dan Zen has been recording moving into High 8, Digital Tapes, Disks and then harddrives. From about fifty VHS tapes to a hundred digital tapes and on to thousands of video clips Dan Zen has been recording his creations as well as ideas in philosophy, recreational ravines, interactive media, etc. Let's take a look!

Exhibit 43 - January 5   TOP ▲

Business Cards

Dedicated to Jim Rudnick at FundHamOnt for the $100

This collection of business cards are all from the Hamilton region where Dan Zen lives. There is a collection of industry cards from Toronto as well... but, hey, you get the idea. Note that many of the cards may have out-of-date information as they have been collected over the last twenty years or so. But that is part of the fun - enjoy!

Exhibit 42 - December 29   TOP ▲


Madeline and Elliot who will be there...

Dan Zen often quotes a philosopher of our times... "I don' care about history - cause that's not where I wanna be." It is the future - well... that and a touch of the future is now. Zen writes stories, works with advanced technologies, and sketches the future. Of course, being an Inventor, Zen takes active part in creating the future. Let's see!

Exhibit 41 - December 22   TOP ▲

ZIM Bits

Dedicated to Adrian, Pablo and Mark at JAM3

Zim Bits is a collection of interactive media samples / tutorials. These will help creators make interactive media on the HTML Canvas with JavaScript, CreateJS and ZIMjs. They are also fun to look at if you are at all interested in how games and apps are made. ZIM BITS is the latest project by Dan Zen and he hopes it will grow to be well used!

Exhibit 40 - December 15   TOP ▲


Dedicated to RoseAnne who makes most clever cards!

Dan Zen has made custom cards all his life. In the early days he used fold-out techniques, pull strips and good old seventies custom bubble fonts. Moving into the digital world, he still keeps an inventive edge. Most of his cards have been given away, of course, but check these out!

Exhibit 39 - December 8   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Mr. Ross who made the shelves

Once every couple years Dan Zen must clean the workshop. Projects are created and nests of scraps start to appear. Eventually the workshop is overrun and then it stays like that for a year or so. Let's find out if it is possible to make it tidy again.

Exhibit 38 - December 1   TOP ▲


Dedicated to John Schustyk - and of course Thee Gnostics

This exhibit includes various Gnostics and solo Moog recordings. Dan Zen has a 1974 Moog Satellite which he played through a delay pedal and a chorus pedal. Enjoy and space out!

Exhibit 37 - November 24   TOP ▲

Code 2

Dedicated to Lee Brimelow and the Flash Team

Coding or programming is how the logic and interactivity of a system like a game or an app are applied. The Code 1 Exhibit showed Dan Zen coding from 2014-2015 as he moved over to JavaScript with CreateJS and ZIMjs. This exhibit explores Zen's years coding in Adobe Flash 2002-2014. NOTE: make sure to press the SEE CODE buttons!

Exhibit 36 - November 17   TOP ▲

Indoor Games

Dedicated to Mike and Sandra

Here is an exhibit of Dan Zen's indoor games (non computer). Some games are certainly missing including one where you had to guess which happening came first in time based on random songs, movies and events flipped over from a deck in pairs. But many of the New Year games are here as well as others. Try some!

Exhibit 35 - November 10   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Mark Byk - print monster!

The Icons Exhibit presents the history of the many site and app icons presented in reverse chronological order. Icons are usually related to logos so you may also be interested in the Dan Zen Expo Logos Exhibit. On with the show!

Exhibit 34 - November 3   TOP ▲

One Week

Dedicated to Dave Hind and Darryl Gold

Here is a busy week in the life of Dan Zen. Most weeks would be about half as busy, but the Halloween season is always and exciting time! Let's take a look at the projects that Zen worked on this week.

Exhibit 33 - October 27   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Brian Kelly

Scraps are like an eco system. Big scraps get used to make smaller projects and the smaller projects' scraps get used to make even smaller projects, etc. Dan Zen generally keeps all his scraps to the dismay of some... let's take a look!

Exhibit 32 - October 20   TOP ▲

Physical Creations

Dedicated Brother Jim - may he continue to make

In this exhibit we look at Dan Zen's physical creations as opposed to digital or theoretical creations. We review art and fashion but then quickly move to creations of general craft. Many physical creations have been given away by Zen as gifts and are not shown in the exhibit nor are outdoor creations.

Exhibit 31 - October 13   TOP ▲

Code 1

Dedicated to Grant Skinner and the CreateJS Team

Coding or programming is how the logic and interactivity of a system like a game or an app are applied. Dan Zen has been programming since 1982 as chronicled in the Museum Coding Tour introduced below. In this first code exhibit we follow with a look at Zen's most recent code from 2014 to 2015.

Exhibit 30 - October 6   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Automattic and Wordpress

Dan Zen has been blogging since 2005 where he started on Blogger. In 2006 he moved over to Wordpress due to Blogger's lack of keywords. Zen primarily uses the articles to announce new projects and discuss the creative process. Let's see some posts!

Exhibit 29 - September 29   TOP ▲

Sketches 2

Dedicated to Dave and Teresa Kuruc at Mixed Media

Dan Zen has a dozen plus sketch books filled with drawings and ideas. Many of the early Dan Zen games were hand drawn and we will show some originals in this exhibit. Here is a SECOND set of sample sketches from a few of the books - a half dozen or so from each.

Exhibit 28 - September 22   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Frank Melendez for his Touchy logo love!

The Logo Exhibit presents the history of the many site and app logos presented in reverse chronological order although we start with a comparison of the Dan Zen totem signature logos.

Exhibit 27 - September 15   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Dan Zen for all his hard work!

Tools help the world go round! Dan Zen's philosophy is that if you are going to make a creation... then also make the tools for the creation available to everyone else. Some of the tools have unusual interfaces, but Zen promises they are easy to use once you get used to them. Have fun producing if you dare!

Exhibit 26 - September 8   TOP ▲

Fashion 2

Dedicated to Ava Henry and a successful career!

In the first Fashion Exhibit (see Archives), the history of Dan Zen style was presented through the early years often relating to musical genres of interest. Part 2 shows examples of constructed fashion and brings us up to the current Dan Zen style ala 2015.

Exhibit 25 - September 1   TOP ▲

Fashion 1

Dedicated to Ava Henry and a successful career!

Here is a look at the progression of Dan Zen's styles leading up to the last ten years. Part 2 will look at fashion creations, videos, accessories and the current state of fashion affairs.

Exhibit 24 - August 25   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Jeff Zabudsky and Sheridan's Creatives

Creativity is very important to Dan Zen. Zen has already collected his thoughts on creativity and invention, let's take a look at some of these collections.

Exhibit 23 - August 18   TOP ▲

Sketches 1

Dedicated to Dave and Teresa Kuruc at Mixed Media

Dan Zen has a dozen plus sketch books filled with drawings and ideas. The sketchbooks are generally a combination of ideas for apps and games, environmental and social ideas, and philosophy. Here is a first set of sample sketches from a few of the books - a half dozen or so from each.

Exhibit 22 - August 11   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Rick Mason for his years of curating

Inventor Dan Zen is a futurist who works with creative technology and storytelling to advance invention. He uses philosophy as a creativity framework and gives talks, presentations and classes concerning creativity and advanced interface technologies. Here is a summary of his presentations over the last five years.

Exhibit 21 - August 4   TOP ▲

Light Shows

Dedicated to Steel City Surplus

Dan Zen started with mechanical light shows in the nineties and then moved to digital light shows in the twenty-tens. For years, he projected on his own bands and now does a show a couple times a year for friends. Let there be light!

Exhibit 20 - July 28   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Mark and Mac for their poster help

Dan Zen came from the music scene into the new media scene so brought with him the usage of posters to advertise his wares. He may be one of the first to poster for Interactive Media features. Let's see what there was to see!

Exhibit 19 - July 21   TOP ▲

Psychedelic Dancing

Dedicated to Grant Avenue - the happening!

For ten years, Dan Zen held the top position on Google for "psychedelic dancing" and currently has three of top ten entries and ten photos on the first page of Google images. This is for Zen's slightly tongue in cheek series called Psychedelic Dancing as Exercise. Zen loves to dance - let's get down!

Exhibit 18 - July 14   TOP ▲

Recreational Ravines

Dedicated to Jon'Gordon Odegaard

Dan Zen lives in Dundas (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada and is surrounded by ravines as Hamilton is the Waterfall Capital of the world. Zen is often in the woods thinking about how we could make use of the ravines for recreation. Let's see some of the many videos and view a few private sketches of ideas.

Exhibit 17 - July 7   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Rose Petersen

They say, he is Hollander Maui! Yes... Dan Zen takes on the pseudonym of Hollander Maui (being part Dutch and born in Hawaii) when presenting photographs en Focuso (out of focus). Zen's in-focus shots are posted on Flickr. Let's see some shots!

Exhibit 16 - June 30   TOP ▲


Dedicated to the curious

Here are a number of Dan Zen Polls. The polls included are from Tapoll and are live - so please do as many as you like! Other survey tools that Zen has created and used over the years are also featured.

Exhibit 15 - June 23   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Aron West for early Facebook works

Dan Zen joined Facebook in the early days and started posting in 2006. One of Zen's games is called Primals where you try and order your friends by the order they joined Facebook. Let's take a look at what Zen has been up to since then.

Exhibit 14 - June 16   TOP ▲

Artificial Intelligence

Dedicated to Isaac Asimov

Growing up on sci-fi during the personal computer revolution, it is no surprise that Dan Zen has created AI. Let us take a look through some projects and interests of the IMAT AI Special Interest Group co-founder.

Exhibit 13 - June 9   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Think Tank and the Hamilton Art Scene

Dan Zen is an Inventor first and foremost but his creations are often art. This exhibit explores the more traditional side of art such as drawing, painting and sculpture. Other exhibits will showcase photography, music, performance, storytelling, interactive works, etc.

Exhibit 12 - June 2   TOP ▲


Dedicated Bob Jones, Song and Ian for all their care at Sheridan

Dan Zen has been teaching at Sheridan for over a dozen years. He teaches interactive media where students and grads make among other things, e-learning apps. Here is a brief history of some of the apps Zen has made and used.

Exhibit 11 - May 26   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Randle Nelsen

Dan Zen loves parties! He has been holding events since he was little - Haunted Houses, Magic Shows and then going absolutely crazy after schooling with dozens of theme parties such as Medieval Feast, Beatnik Feast, Space Feast, dances waving psychedelic ties in strobe lights and many odd events. Let's Party!

Exhibit 10 - May 19   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Gran Gran

Dan Zen loves telling stories as exemplified in the Purple Box series and the Moustache Mysteries series. In his early party days, Zen and friends would tell communal stories. He has also made many interactive story telling tools and used these to tell stories. Gather 'round children and listen (or make) a story!

Exhibit 09 - May 12   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Paul Benedetti and Nancy DeHart and McLuhan crew

Dan Zen was introduced to Memes in his 1995 work on Understanding McLuhan. A meme is a thought or phrase that moves virally through society. Zen uses memes to be silly!

Exhibit 08 - May 5   TOP ▲


Dedicated to us all

Friends? Yes... Dan Zen has a few. Friends help hold the world together and most likely have helped Dan Zen hold together. Let's meet a few from University on (family not included).

Exhibit 07 - April 28   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Chefs of the world

Inventing in the Kitchen has always been one of the most rewarding experiences for Dan Zen as he gets to eat his creations!

Exhibit 06 - April 21   TOP ▲


Dedicated to the activist in us all

Dan Zen is a little different when it comes to being an environmentalist. Along with the natural environment, Zen cares dearly for the social and creative environments in which we live.

Exhibit 05 - April 14   TOP ▲


Dedicated to all Programmers

Dan Zen has spent the last ten years developing a philosophy called Nodism which explores the connection between physical and virtual worlds.

Exhibit 05 - April 7   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Madeline Rose

It is whispered in the shadows that Dan Zen is none other than... the Moustache!

Exhibit 04 - March 31   TOP ▲

Action Games

Dedicated to all the students...

Dan Zen is a peaceful person so tends towards social games and tools. He has made some action games but usually with a twist - let's twist!

Exhibit 03 - March 24   TOP ▲


Dedicated to the parents - who never said no to a costume!

Dan Zen has been dressing up every day of his life even if it is just his mismatch socks ;-). Let's take a look at some costuming!

Exhibit 02 - March 17   TOP ▲


Dedicated to the siblings and their kids

Magic and wonder are at the heart of all inventors - how can we make things possible... how can we make things impossible? Dan Zen started magic at an early age developing a few tricks of his own and well...

Exhibit 01 - March 10   TOP ▲


Dedicated to Rick, Ada and RoseAnne

Dan Zen is involved in a number of musical endeavours and has written about 70 songs (which is how many hats he has). Here is a collection of Dan Zen digging it.

Droner - Control Your Friends!