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July 21 Dan Zen Expo Exhibit

Psychedelic Dancing

Dedicated to Grant Avenue - the happening!

For ten years, Dan Zen held the top position on Google for "psychedelic dancing" and currently has three of top ten entries and ten photos on the first page of Google images. This is for Zen's slightly tongue in cheek series called Psychedelic Dancing as Exercise. Zen loves to dance - let's get down!
▲ The first original episode (2006) from the Zen Vlog series of a dozen more. The video is a screen capture of the original Zen Mix (see the Exhibit Section below) and the end of the first part was a joke that was not intended to be released. When BlipTV stopped hosting FLV videos, Zen had to re-upload hundreds of Zen Mix videos and accidentally uploaded the wrong file. Subsequent episodes became a bit more succinct. Song by Neu - German 1973 ish..
▲ Psychedelic Surf (2006) with the Mermen - Surf is often instrumental allowing more imagination as you listen. It has groove, extended guitar and drum solos, and in this case, wicked feedback! Feedback is a quest for eternity and is great for psychedelic inspiration. This Mash of three mixes discusses where groove comes from and how you can get tribal! The music is from the Mermen and includes one of the greatest feedback songs called Honeybomb. Get out of your seats and spread the word peaceful people!
▲ Living Room Psychedelics (2007) Here we discuss easing… as you change direction of your motion, ease out slowing down and then ease back into the return motion speeding up. This makes for less wear and tear on the joints, bones and muscles and gives your dancing a more fluid and organic feel. We also talk about hand and wrist movement for combating computer strain, etc. The song is Spencer Davis Group’s Waltz for Lamumba or something like that from Here we go ’round the Mulberry Bush. The same kind of groove can be found in Bitches Brew by Miles Davis and a host of tribal rhythmic songs from the late 60’s. Love the heavy organ, maracas, cow bells, etc. Very Groovy!
▲ Get Down! (2009) Set to the psychedelic filming of sixties album covers in high exposure darkness. Caribou is playing the feature song. They are from Dundas – as is Dan Zen. We talk about getting down in this mash of mixes. It would be a cooler world if everyone with headphones on got down as they walked along the sidewalk and halls instead of walking like a zombie. Well okay… walking like a real zombie has a bit of getting down involved in it.
▲ Hypnotic! (2011) Here we look at the hand movements in psychedelic dancing. Move the hands as if you are conducting energy – or at the mercy of the forces of groovity! The easing and spreading of fingers in constant flow of 3D space is good for the carpal tunnel and median nerve. At the same time the hands can be alluring to your partner or partners! Entice, tell a story – HYPNOTIZE!
▲ Pscyhedelic Cape (2014) An unbelievable live performance by Orphx from Hamilton inspired a caped dark psychedelic dance by Dan Zen. https://soundcloud.com/orphx/orphx-live-at-berghain-april. Thee Gnostics played with Orphx - one cool duo. "So... it may be that not everybody has a cape...", "What's a slow wiggle called?", "Now you can be on the floor like this - you don't have to be standing!", "Oh... I hear a beep!", "ohawa hewaa wuuu", "I remember one show - there was this ladder...", "They want to see what their songs are doing to people"
Dan Zen Psychedelic Dancing
▲ A simple overexposure dancing against the curtains created this sci-fi effect – A Focuso Curta is in the background. The song is by AIR – Click to see the Zen Mix - Requires Flash as the Zen Mix tool allows you to mix any Web video with a Picture (or more video - or interactive works such as other Zen Mixes). SEE MIX
Dan Zen Psychedelic Dancing
▲ Psychedelic Dancing on Zen Vlog. The original listing of vlogs using the Zen Mix tool. There are still a number of favourite episodes that have not been converted over to straight video including Many a Love Guru Keep Loose, Opartica (Mixing Interactive Media), City in the Sky!, Video Feedback, and more. VISIT VLOG
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