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Dedicated to Paven Bratch - moo!

Dan Zen cares deeply about society and builds things he hopes will lead to creativity and wonder. He has created a number of ways to promote his products so that he can spend more time making them! Let's take a look at Zen's thoughts on the current market for interactive works followed by innovative techniques for spreading the word.
Consuming and Creating (2012) ▲ A reprint of the Fair Observer article where Dan Zen writes about the market for interactive works. Zen remains hopeful that people will grow in willingness to explore and create. In this article, he discusses some of the issues affecting the balance between creation and consumption. As most of Zen's products are to aid in creation and creative communication, this is an important distinction with respect to the market for Dan Zen. READ ARTICLE
Inventing for the Web (2005) ▲ Three articles were posted by Zen that outlined why he made his products and how they related to the people and the technologies of the time. Zen has always pushed forward. He makes things that he thinks will be good for people - to help them create - to help them explore and perhaps lighten up or see things differently. He strives to promote wonder, spectacle, surprise, foolishness, youth, fun, coolness. Here is how he has goes about it:

Interactive Advertising (1996) ▲ Read all about the dawn of interactive advertising in the Dan Zen Marketing Tour including Zen's coining of the phrase and his early site of advergaming - Admusements. MARKETING TOUR

Viral Marketing (1997) ▲ Zen did a series of viral marketing games including Blimp Races and Shrink Ray. These were fun times when people trusted e-mail. Have a read of the results in the Museum Marketing Tour. MARKETING TOUR

Guerilla Marketing (1997) ▲ Stones, stickers, posters and cards! Read about them in the Museum Marketing Tour - also have a look at the Poster Exhibit as Zen reaches out to the public. POSTER EXHIBIT

Shareware (1998) ▲ Adventures in the world of Shareware! See the results in the Museum Marketing Tour. MARKETING TOUR

Memes (1996) ▲ Zen caught on to memes while working on the 1996 CD Rom on Marshall McLuhan. Of course now, everyone wants to be famous on YouTube or Tumbler, etc. MEME EXHIBIT

Mobile Mediated (2010) ▲ The Marketing Tour will take you through the latest creations of Dan Zen in the mobile field - Touchy, Tilty, Hangy, Trippy, Droner and more including videos of Zen out at events doing his thing! MARKETING TOUR

Talks Exhibit (2015) ▲ Dan Zen promotes his work and concepts through speaking engagements. He often discusses vision, relevance and hopes for his creations and society. TALKS EXHIBIT

In general, Zen creates for everyone. That makes it somewhat tricky from a marketing standpoint. He primarily keeps in mind the youth market from tweens through teens to twenty year olds. He does so in a way that is often more appreciated by adults - perhaps as a breath of fresh air - perhaps with a glimpse of recognition that society can use a dash more of the eclectic... the eccentric... the groovity and zanity of Zen. (who wrote this himself - but as meta Zen)
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