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Trippy - Augmented Reality App for iOS and Android to add cool effects to your optional DIY helmet cam

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Trippy screenshot showing interface

Trippy Zombi example

Add cool effects to your mobile cam for Apple iOS, Google Android or Black Berry (sideloaded). Make your girlfriend or boyfriend kaleidoscoped or inverted like zombies! Add optical effects or change colors - the world is your night club now! Trippy version one will get you started with more effects planned for the future like overlaying characters, etc. Instead of holding the device up to look through it - you can make a do-it-yourself augmented reality helmet. Dan Zen shows you how in a YouTube video but there are all sorts of ways you can do it. These types of helmets used to cost $200,000 and now we can make them for $5 with what we have hanging around at home. If you like this type of philosophy, check out Dan Zen's HANGY app as well - the link is below. And please visit the Dan Zen Museum for more ideas. Note that this is Mediated Reality where the device sits between you and reality. Mediated reality is made of Augmented and Diminished Reality. Virtual reality is when what is see is only virtual - you are not looking at the real world through your camera. All the best, Inventor Dan Zen.

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